"John has a deep appreciation for the connection between a successful community and a successful business. John also has a passion for life, and what he loves, that is very contagious. That combination works wonders for the communities John calls home. He invests the time and energy to grow his own company, companies around him and the entire community. He continues to have an impact on people and organizations long after his formal connection has passed. I am elated that John is now calling the Cape Fear region home."
- Natalie Haskins English, CCE, CCEC, IOM, President & CEO, Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

"John has a passion for ideas, a commitment to people, and proven resilience. He is one of the people who has not only seen, but demonstrated that new fortunes are created on the upside of seemingly negative events."
- Bob Morgan, President, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

"John has continually challenged me to build a great company around a great culture, and today, I am proud to say, the culture of Movement Mortgage is one of our most valuable assets. Over the past five years, we have been named the fastest growing mortgage bank by Inc Magazine and this success would not have been possible without the consistent culture focus John instilled in our thinking from inception."
-Casey Crawford, President, Movement Mortgage

"1 though we were set up fine in the management area, but once I took a good, objective look at the situation, I realized there was a lot to learn. John is an excellent coach. He tests you to take a good long look at yourself in an honest and constructive way. There have been several key benefits to the work with John. Turnover is down significantly ... the management team is functioning more efficiently ... communications with teammates is becoming open and honest ... and individually, I have grown as a manager. Working with John has been an amazing experience that has tested our abilities and has paid off in all areas of my expectations."
- August M. McClaine, Manager, Stakeholder Services, SERC

"John is a true entrepreneur. He does not take no for an answer. He doesn't quit and loves life. He has done the introspection that many leaders find uncomfortable and has taken a close look at himself and what drives him. As a result, he inspires and motivates everyone around him."
- Mike Whitehead, CEO, Whitehead Associates

"John helped transform my business unit from a 'win at all cost' culture into one where results are still at the forefront, but my employees feel part of a team with a common goal. John assessed my personal strengths and weaknesses allowing me to take my leadership skills to another level. His experience, passion and communication skills sets him apart."
- Frank K., Managing Director, National Banking Institution

"Davinci Jets (f.k.a.JETPOOL) is a private aviation resource that manages private aircraft and provides concierge services for private and corporate clients. Our work with John Owens and his team at Owens Management Group aimed to implement a business development plan to expand our growth, streamline our operations, and provide additional quality assurance. During their work, they helped us develop and produce a playbook for future success. In a very short time that they have been working with us we have seen over 80% growths in client assets and over 85% growth in production. O.M.G’s discipline, accountability, and process in which Owens Management Group implemented were the vehicle that has driven our recent success. More exciting announcements will follow due to the work at Owens Management. What we appreciate most about working with Owens Management Group is their methodical process in which they implement strategies, unfold new opportunities, and deliver results above and beyond what is expected.”

- Eric Legvold, CEO, Davinci Jets

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